• OLAP and Data Mining

    • Complex Data Analysis

    • Management Information

    • Custom Solutions

    Business Intelligence

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    • Data Storage Infrastructure

    • ETL Processes

    • Data Optimization

    • Data Cleansing and Validation

    • Custom Solutions

    Information Management

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    • View data from a multi-dimensional perspective.

    • Drill-down to find what really matters.

    • Efficiently identify and respond to market dynamics.

    • Understanding of your place in the "market ecosystem".

    OLAP and Data Mining

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    • Solve your “information puzzle.”

    • Pair your business model and systems with your data.

    • Produce answers that will propel your business forward.

    Complex Data Analysis

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    • The right information, the right way, at the right time.

    • Find new opportunities and refine your efforts.

    Management Information Systems

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    • Extract, transform and load (ETL) data in an intelligent format.

    • Keep data fresh and organized so it can be used effectively.

    • Use data to capture opportunity and market leadership.

    Data Mining & ETL

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    • Eliminate "garbage in - garbage out" issues.

    • Higher standards for efficiency and accuracy.

    • Data that is easier to access and interpret.

    Data Validation and Management

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    • Data that's secure and available when and how you need it.

    • Higher standards for efficiency and accuracy.

    • Data that is easier to access and interpret.

    Data Storage & Infrastructure

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The BI Partners You've Been Looking For

Most organizations' data resembles a haystack rather than an organized system. That's why finding useful information is such a challenge. It's the proverbial needle in a haystack. JBC partners with clients to bring order to the chaos of disparate data. Our approach to Business Intelligence (BI) provides a solid foundation that enables clients to build on their data and achieve success. Find out how JBC can help you leverage your data to gain the visibility you need to effectively move your business forward... LEARN MORE

Information Management Solutions

Data comes in. It's stored somewhere. Then it needs to be located, extracted, and cleansed so that it becomes business intelligence and utilized to make informed decisions. It becomes the life source of a business. Working with an experienced team to ensure that the data your organization captures is converted to business intelligence will mean the difference between success and failure. For years JBC has helped clients harness the power of their information... LEARN MORE

JBC Software & Consulting

Taking Care of Business Intelligence

Business intelligence... it's what powers a business' ability to identify and capture opportunity, to leverage information to achieve a competitive advantage and what powers it to move ahead of the pack. It's called "Big Data" and JBC is a pioneer in helping clients get the most from it. JBC is continually developing tools and procedures that help clients capture the power of "Big Data" to propel the success of their business...LEARN MORE